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Economic Geography - GK Objective Questions and Answers for competitive exams | Page-22

Updated on 16 November 2022

106 ‘Rice Bowl’ of Japan is
A Tokyo
B Kyushu
C Chio region
D Hokkaido region

Answer: Option [B]

The correct answer is Kyushu. Kyushu, the southwesternmost of Japan’s main islands, has a mostly subtropical climate.

107 In which country is the largest population of sheep to be found ?
A China
B Russia
C Australia
D Turkey

Answer: Option [A]

The correct answer is China. Currently, there are around 1.176 billion sheep in the world. China makes the biggest contribution to this figure with the largest sheep population in the world. High sheep production in China plays a major part in Asia producing 42% of the global sheep population.



108 The country in which fishing is a major national industry is
A Japan
B India
D Norway

Answer: Option [D]

The correct answer is Norway. Norway, in terms of value, is the world's second largest exporter of fish and fish products by value., Its main markets, in terms of export value are the European Union (EU), the Russian Federation, Japan, China, Ukraine and the United States of America.

109 In which region does the famous Grand Banks lie ?
A Asiatic region
B North western North American region
C North eastern North American region
D None of them

Answer: Option [C]

The correct answer is North eastern North American region. Grand Banks, portion of the North American continental shelf in the Atlantic Ocean, lying southeast of Newfoundland island, Canada.

110 The greatest sources of Tagua nuts is
A Zanzibar
B Ecuador
C Guatemala
D Zaire

Answer: Option [B]

The greatest sources of Tagua nuts is Ecuador. The tagua nut, often called vegetable ivory, is being used as an alternative to elephant ivory by artisans who want to make a positive impact on the environment while earning a sustainable income to help support themselves and their family. Mainly grown in Ecuador, this nut can be carved into sculptures, buttons and jewelry.

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