Economic Geography - GK Objective Questions and Answers for competitive exams | Page-22

Updated on 9 September 2016

106 ‘Rice Bowl’ of Japan is
A Tokyo
B Kyushu
C Chio region
D Hokkaido region

Answer: Option [B]
107 In which country is the largest population of sheep to be found ?
A China
B Russia
C Australia
D Turkey

Answer: Option [A]
108 The country in which fishing is a major national industry is
A Japan
B India
D Norway

Answer: Option [D]
109 In which region does the famous Grand Banks lie ?
A Asiatic region
B North western North American region
C North eastern North American region
D None of them

Answer: Option [C]
110 The greatest sources of Tagua nuts is
A Zanzibar
B Ecuador
C Guatemala
D Zaire

Answer: Option [B]

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