Economic Geography - GK Objective Questions and Answers for competitive exams | Page-14

Updated on 9 September 2016

66 Where the famous Coolgardie gold mines located ?
A Africa
B France
C Australia

Answer: Option [C]
67 Japanese iron and steel industry is an example of industry based on
A Market
B Capital
C Local raw-material
D Skilled labour

Answer: Option [D]
68 ‘Leipzig’ is famous for its
A Musical instrument
B Porcelain
C Textile industries
D Woolen industries

Answer: Option [A]
69 Which country is the leading producer of tin-ore ?
A India
B Indonesia
C Australia
D Malaysia

Answer: Option [B]
70 The maximum potential of water power occurs in
A Europe
B Asia
C Africa
D North America

Answer: Option [C]

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