Economic Geography - GK Objective Questions and Answers for competitive exams | Page-17

Updated on 9 September 2016

81 Which country has the largest deposits of uranium in the world ?
A Russia
B Kazakhstan
C South Africa
D India

Answer: Option [B]
82 Why Belfast is famous for ?
A Cotton textile
B Airplanes manufacturing
C Agricultural machinery
D Ship-building industry

Answer: Option [D]
83 The minimum development of water power has taken place in the continent of
A Asia
B Africa
C North America
D Europe

Answer: Option [C]
84 Which country is the leading producer of cement in the world ?
A India
B Russia
D China

Answer: Option [D]
85 Which is the most important center of cotton textile machinery in the U.K. ?
A London
B Manchester
C Glasgow
D Leeds

Answer: Option [B]


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