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Geomorphology - Geography Objective Questions with Answers | Page-24

116 A peneplain is formed due to
A Alluvial erosion
B Glacial erosion
C Wind erosion and deposition
D River erosion and deposition.

Answer: Option [D]

A peneplain is formed due to river erosion and deposition. As a result, the load of the river starts to settle down which is termed as deposition. Erosion, transportation, and deposition continue until the slopes are almost completely flattened leaving finally a lowland of faint relief called peneplains with some low resistant remnants called monadnocks.

117 Islands are formed
A in Uvalas
B in caverns
C in a river valley
D near the snout of a glacier

Answer: Option [C]

Islands are formed in a river valley. When the tops of the volcanoes appear above the water, an island is formed. While the volcano is still beneath the ocean surface, it is called a seamount. Oceanic islands can form from different types of volcanoes. One type forms in subduction zones, where one tectonic plate is shifting under another.

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118 Outwash plains are formed by
A Wind
B Glaciers
C Rivers
D All of the above

Answer: Option [B]

Outwash plains are formed by Glaciers. Outwash plains and eskers form due to the flow of meltwater in front of (outwash plains) or beneath (eskers) that glacier ice. They are composed of glacial sediments that have been reworked by flowing water.

119 Nappes are the formed due to
A Folding
B Faulting
C Warping
D All of the above

Answer: Option [A]

Nappes are the formed due to Folding. Nappes form when a mass of rock is forced over another rock mass, typically on a low angle fault plane. The resulting structure may include large-scale recumbent folds, shearing along the fault plane, imbricate thrust stacks, fensters and klippes.

120 Inselbergs are formed in
A Pediplains
B Deltas
C Flood plains
D Desert area

Answer: Option [A]

Inselbergs are formed in Pediplains. An inselberg is defined as an isolated hill that protrudes from a flat extensive land called a pediplain/ peneplain.


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