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Geomorphology - Geography Objective Questions with Answers | Page-28

136 The Gaseous Mass Theory of the origin of earth was given by
A E. Kant
B Roche
C Lockyer
D Laplace

Answer: Option [A]

The Gaseous Mass Theory of the origin of earth was given by E. Kant. In 1755 the German Philospher Immune kant suggested that the Earth and the other planets were condensed from a rotating nebular of gas centred in the sun. According to him, primordial matter was evenly distributed in the shape of small and cold particles.

137 Conrad Discontinuity is found
A Between crust and mantle
B Between outer and inner core
C Between Sial and Sima
D Between upper mantle and lower mantle

Answer: Option [C]

Conrad Discontinuity is found between Sial and Sima. The border at which the density of SIAL and SIMA changes is known as Conrad discontinuity. SIAL indicates the composition of Silica and Aluminium whereas SIMA indicates the composition of Silica and Magnesium.

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138 The ‘hydraulic slope theory’ is given by
A Darwin
B Penck
C R. E. Horton
D Lockyer

Answer: Option [C]

The ‘hydraulic slope theory’ is given by R. E. Horton. The Hydraulic Slope Theory was first introduced by Robert E. Horton in 1945. He was the first to formalize the importance of topography to hillslope hydrology by proposing that a critical hillslope length was required to generate a channel.

139 ‘Escarpment’ appears
A When a block moves upward
B When a block moves vertically
C When a block slips down along the fault plane
D None of the above

Answer: Option [A]

‘Escarpment’ appears when a block moves upward. An escarpment is an area of the Earth where elevation changes suddenly. Escarpment usually refers to the bottom of a cliff or a steep slope.

140 ‘Rock benches’ are associated with
A Cross profile of river
B Long profile of river
C Fold mountains
D Fault mountains

Answer: Option [B]

‘Rock benches’ are associated with Long profile of river. The long profile of a river shows changes in the height (altitude) of the course of a river from its source to its mouth.


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