Geomorphology - Geography Objective Questions with Answers | Page-27

131 A monadnock is
A A low area in a riverine plain
B A low area in a glacial plain
C A raised portion in a riverine plain
D None of these

Answer: Option [C]
132 Basalt is a typical example of
A Plutonic rocks
B Metamorphic rocks
C Sedimentary rocks
D Igneous rocks

Answer: Option [D]
133 When the earth resolves round the sun it spins on an elliptical orbit at a speed of
A 18.9 miles/second
B 18.8 miles/second
C 18.7 miles/second
D 18.6 miles/second

Answer: Option [A]
134 Who described the three layers of the earth as ‘sial’, ‘sima’, and ‘nife’ ?
A Dally
B Gracht
C Holmes
D None of the above

Answer: Option [B]
135 Autumn equinox occurs in
A March 21
B September 22
C December 22
D June 21

Answer: Option [B]


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