Oceanography - Geography Objective Questions and Answers | Geography gkseries mcqs | page6

26 Which of the following is not a cold ocean current ?
A Canary current
B Brazil current
C Humboldt current
D Oyashio current

Answer: Option [B]
27 The ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ is associated with
A thermal power station
B volcanoes and earthquakes
C forest fires
D oil well fires

Answer: Option [B]
28 Which of the most stable ecosystem ?
A Ocean
B Mountain
C Forest
D Desert

Answer: Option [A]
29 Tsunamis are the waves generated by :
A Moon’s pull
B High tides of the oceans
C Cyclones
D Earthquakes beneath the sea

Answer: Option [D]
30 The coral reefs are the marine counterparts of
A Tropical rain forests
B Scrubland
C Temperate forests
D Savannahs

Answer: Option [A]

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