Oceanography - Geography Objective Questions and Answers | Geography gkseries mcqs | page8

36 The ocean which touches the Asian and American shores is
A Antarctic
B Pacific
C Atlantic
D Indian

Answer: Option [B]
37 Which one of the following ocean currents does not occur in Atlantic Ocean ?
A Canary current
B Gulf stream
C Brazil current
D Peru current

Answer: Option [D]
38 Mariana Trench is found in
A Pacific Ocean
B Indian Ocean
C Arctic Ocean
D Atlantic Ocean

Answer: Option [A]
39 In sea, plants are restricted up to the depth of
A 2000 m
B 1000 m
C 200 m
D 20 m

Answer: Option [C]
40 E1 Nino occurs over
A Mediterranean Sea
B Pacific Ocean
C Atlantic Ocean
D Indian Ocean

Answer: Option [B]

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