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Oceanography - Geography Objective Questions and Answers | Geography gkseries mcqs | page9

41 Which one of the following is a warm ocean current ?
A Gulf Stream
B Kurile
C Canary
D Labrador

Answer: Option [A]
42 The Sargasso sea is situated in the:
A Indian Ocean
B Arctic Ocean
C Atlantic Ocean
D Pacific Ocean

Answer: Option [C]
43 The rhythmic rise and fall of ocean water twice in a day is called
A Ocean current
B Tide
C Wave
D Water cycle

Answer: Option [B]
44 Sea water is saltier than rain water because
A the air around the sea is salty
B sea animals are salt producing
C sea beds have salt producing mines
D rivers wash away salts from earth and pour them into the sea

Answer: Option [D]
45 Sea-waves are undulated movements of water on the surface of the sea sue to
A rotation of earth
B difference in temperature
C friction of wind on the surface
D None of these

Answer: Option [C]

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