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Oceanography - Geography Objective Questions and Answers | Geography gkseries mcqs | page7

31 Waves approaching the shore is known as
A Tsunami
B Currents
C Tide
D Swash

Answer: Option [A]

Waves approaching the shore is known as Tsunami. Tsunamis have a small amplitude (wave height) offshore, and a very long wavelength (often hundreds of kilometers long, whereas normal ocean waves have a wavelength of only 30 or 40 metres), which is why they generally pass unnoticed at sea, forming only a slight swell usually about 300 millimetres above the normal sea surface. They grow in height when they reach shallower water or the coast.

32 Atoll is a kind of
A sandbar
B sand-dune
C inland sea
D lake

Answer: Option [C]

Atoll is a kind of inland sea. Atoll is a coral island (or islands) that encircle a lagoon partially or completely. It is formed when the island sinks below the sea, and the barrier reef becomes an atoll enclosing an open lagoon. So in a way it is a kind of inland sea which is a shallow sea that covers central areas of continents during periods of high sea level.



33 The coastal part of water bodies of the oceans which is structurally part of the mainland of the continents is called the
A Continental slope
B Isthmus
C Oceanic ridge
D Continental shelf

Answer: Option [D]

The correct answer is Continental shelf. The continental shelf is the extended perimeter of each continent and associated coastal plain. The shelf usually ends at a point of increasing slope (called the shelf break). The sea floor below the break is the continental slope.

34 Which one of the following is not a cold ocean current ?
A Kuroshio
B California
C Oyashio
D Ganaries

Answer: Option [A]

The correct answer is Kuroshio. The Kuroshio Current, also known as the Black or Japan Current or the Black Stream, is a north-flowing, warm ocean current on the west side of the North Pacific Ocean basin.

35 The term territorial water means
A The water secured from other countries
B The water found within the country in form of rivers and lakes
C Water of the sea located close to the coast of a country
D The water which is supplied to other countries

Answer: Option [C]

The term territorial water means water of the sea located close to the coast of a country. The term territorial waters is sometimes used informally to refer to any area of water over which a sovereign state has jurisdiction, including internal waters, the territorial sea, the contiguous zone, the exclusive economic zone, and potentially the extended continental shelf.

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