Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-20

96 Of the following, the town which does not come within the National Capital Region is ?
A Mathura
B Khurja
C Rohtak
D Panipat

Answer: Option [A]
97 The most important of the non-tariff trade barriers are:
A Quotas
B Pollution standards
C Health regulations
D Labelling and packaging regulations.

Answer: Option [A]
98 where is Khyber Pass situated ?
A India
B Bhutan
C Bangladesh
D Pakistan

Answer: Option [D]
99 Which of the following passes lies in the Sutlej valley ?
A Sherabathanga
B Nathu la
C Shipki La
D Jelep La

Answer: Option [C]
100 Sex ratio refers to number of woman ?
A per 1000 males
B per sq. km in relation to males
C number of men in an area
D per state in relation to males

Answer: Option [A]


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