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GK Multiple Choice Questions on Indian History | Page-11

51 In which one of the following cities is the Lingaraja Temple located ?
A Kolkata
B Bijapur
C Bhubaneswar
D Shravananbelagola

Answer: Option [C]

Lingaraja Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva and is one of the oldest temples in Bhubaneswar, the capital of the Indian state of Odisha, India. The temple is the most prominent landmark of Bhubaneswar city and one of the major tourist attractions of the state.

52 The concept of Eight fold path forms the theme of:
A Divyavadana
B Dipavamsa
C Mahaparinibban
D Dharma Chakara Pravartana Sutta

Answer: Option [D]

The Noble Eight fold Path, is one of the principal teachings of the Buddha, who described it as the way leading to the cessation of suffering (Dukkha) and attainment of self-awakening. In Buddhist symbolism, the Noble Eight fold Path is often represented by means of the Dharma wheel (Dharmachakra), whose eight spokes represent the eight elements of the path. Eight fold path includes right understanding, right speech, right livelihood; right mindfulness, right thought, right action, right effort and right concentration.



53 Milindapanho is in the form of a dialogue between the king Menander and Buddhist monk:
A Kumarilabhatta
B Nagabhatta
C Nagarjuna
D Nagasena

Answer: Option [D]

Milindapanho is in the form of a dialogue between the king Menander and the Buddhist monk Nagasena. It is a Buddhist text, questions of king Menander on Buddhist doctrine and dilemmas and answered by Nagasena, a monk was documented in the form of a book called as Milindapanho.

54 According to ancient Indian cosmogonic ideas the sequential order of the cycle of four acons (yugas) is:
A Krita, Treta, Dvapara and Kali
B Dvapara, Krita, Treta and Kali
C Treta, Dvapara, Kali and Krita
D Krita, Dvapara, Treta and Kali

Answer: Option [A]

A complete Yuga starts with the Satya Yuga, via Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga into a Kali Yuga.

55 Who among the following was a Brahmavadini who composed some hymns of the Vedas ?
A Gargi
B Savitri
C Lopamudra
D Leelavati

Answer: Option [C]

Lopamudra was a Brahmavadini who composed some hymns of the Vedas. Many hymns of Rigveda were composed by women and they were called Brahmavadini.

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