GK Multiple Choice Questions on Indian History | Page-6

26 The concept of Anuvrata was advocated by:
A Jainism
B The Lokayata school
C Mahayana Buddhism
D Hinayana Buddhism

Answer: Option [A]
27 Which one of the following sculptures were invariably used green schist as the medium ?
A Gandhara sculpture
B Bharhut sculptures
C Mathura sculptures
D Maurya sculptures

Answer: Option [B]
28 Which one of the following edicts mentions the personal name of Ashoka ?
A Maski
B Kalsi
C Rummindei
D Special Kalinga Edict

Answer: Option [A]
29 Which one of the following ancient Indian records is the earliest royal order to preserve food-grains to be utilized during the crises in the country ?
A Prayaga-prasasti
B Rummindei Pillar-edict of Ashoka
C Sohgaura copper-plate
D Mehrauli Pillar inscription of Chandra

Answer: Option [C]
30 The practice of military governorship was first introduced in India by the:
A Mughals
B Parthians
C Shakas
D Greeks

Answer: Option [D]

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