GK Multiple Choice Questions on Indian History | Page-5

21 The ancient Indian play Mudrarakshasa of Visakhadutt has its subject on:
A The court intrigues at the time of Chandragupta
B The story of the power struggle between two Aryan.
C A romantic story of an Aryan prince and a tribal woman
D A conflict between Gods and Demons of ancient Hindu lore

Answer: Option [A]
22 Which of the following texts of ancient India allows divorce to a wife deserted by her husband ?
A Manava Dharma Shastra
B Sukra Nitisara
C Arthashastra
D Kamasutra

Answer: Option [C]
23 Between which of the following was the ancient town of Takshasila located ?
A Jhelum and Chenab
B Chenab and Ravi
C Ravi and Beas
D Indus and Jhelum

Answer: Option [D]
24 The river most mentioned in early Vedic literature is:
A Ganga
B Sindhu
C Saraswati
D Sutudri

Answer: Option [B]
25 The word ‘Hindu’ as reference to the people of Hind (India) was first used by
A The Greeks
B The Arabs
C The Romans
D The Chinese

Answer: Option [A]

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