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GK Multiple Choice Questions on Indian History | Page-4

16 The Badami rock inscription of Pulakesin I is dated in the Saka year 465. If the same were to be dated in Vikrama samvat, the year would be:
A 300
B 450
C 500
D 601

Answer: Option [D]

The Saka era started in 78 AD, while Vikram era started from 58 BC. So if we want to convert Badami rock inscription of Pulakesin I to Vikram era, it will be 465 + 78 + 58 = 601 Vikram Samvat.

17 The term ‘Aryan’ denotes:
A A speech group
B An ethnic group
C A nomadic people
D A superior race

Answer: Option [A]

The term Aryan denotes a linguistic group and not a race. Their language Vedic Sanskrit has definite relationship with major languages of Europe and Asia. Scholars call this group of languages as Indo-European and the people speaking these languages as Indo-Europeans or Indo-Aryans.



18 Hoysala monuments are found in:
A Sringeri and Dharwar
B Mysore and Bangalore
C Halebid and Belur
D Hampi and Hosper

Answer: Option [C]

It is the largest monument in Halebidu. The temple was built on the banks of a large man-made lake, and sponsored by King Vishnuvardhana of the Hoysala Empire. Its construction started around 1121 CE and was complete in 1160 CE. Hoysala temples have features of both open (outer mantapa) and closed mantapa (innner mantapa). The ceilings of the mantapa are highly ornate bearing mythological figures and floral design.

19 Who among the following was not a contemporary of the other there ?
A Milinda
B Prasenjit
C Bimbsara
D Gautama Buddha

Answer: Option [A]

Milinda was not a contemporary of Bimbisara, Gautam Buddha, and Prasenjit. Milinda was an Indo-Greek King of the Indo-Greek Kingdom, who administered a large empire in the Northwestern regions of the Indian Subcontinent from his capital at Sagala.

20 The religion of early Vedic Aryans was primarily of
A Image worship and Yajnas
B Bhakti
C Worship of nature and Bhakti
D Worship of nature and Yajnas

Answer: Option [D]

The religion of early Vedic Aryans was primarily of worship of nature and Yajnas.

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