Union and State Executive - Indian Politics General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-6

51 The President of the Union of India has the same constitutional authority as the
A President of France
B President of Pakistan
C President of USA
D British Monarch

Answer: Option [D]
52 A member of the Union Public Service Commission can be removed by the
A President
B Prime Minister
C Chairman of the UPSC
D Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Answer: Option [A]
53 Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?
A Devi Lal
B G. B. Pant
C Morarji Desai
D Vallabhbhai Patel

Answer: Option [D]
54 Who was the President of the Republic of India who consistently described Indian Secularism as ‘Sarva Dharma Samabhav’?
A Dr. Zakir Hussain
B Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
C Gaini Zail Singh
D Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Answer: Option [B]
55 Who is the Chief Law Officer of the Government of India?
A The Chief Justice of India
B The Law Minister of India
C The Attorney General of India
D The Registrar of the Supreme Court

Answer: Option [C]
56 Which is NOT a central Service?
A Indian Revenue Service
B Indian Audit & Accounts Service
C Indian Foreign Service
D Indian Police Service

Answer: Option [D]
57 Who is the highest civil servant of the Union Government?
A Home Secretary
B Cabinet Secretary
C Attorney-General
D Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister

Answer: Option [B]
58 Which functionary can be invited to give his opinion in the Parliament?
A Chief Justice of India
B Attorney-General of India
C Chief Election Commissioner of India
D Comptroller & Auditor General of India

Answer: Option [B]
59 The planning Commission of India is
A Statutory body
B A constitutional body
C An independent and autonomous body
D A non-statutory body

Answer: Option [D]
60 Being the non-member, who among the following can participate in the proceeding of either house of the Parliament without having right to vote?
A President of India
B Chief Justice of India
C Attorney-General
D Comptroller and Auditor General

Answer: Option [C]


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