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Union and State Executive - Indian Politics General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-3

21 To whom can a case of dispute in the election of the President of India be referred to?
A Cabinet
B Parliament
C Election Commission
D Supreme Court of India

Answer: Option [D]
22 The “Residuary Powers” (not mentioned in the Union, State or Concurrent lists of the Constitution) are vested in
A President of India
B State Legislature
C Lok Sabha
D Both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

Answer: Option [D]
23 The Finance Commission is mainly concerned with recommending to the President about
A Distributing net proceeds of taxes between the Centre and the States
B Principles Governing the grants-in-aid to be given to States
C Both (A) and (B)
D Neither (A) and (B)

Answer: Option [C]
24 What is the maximum period upto which a proclamation issued by the President under Article 356 of the Constitution and approved/extended by the Parliament may, normally, remain in force?
A Six months
B One year
C Two years
D Unit is repealed by the Parliament

Answer: Option [B]
25 The function of Protem Speaker is to
A check if the election certificates of members are in order
B conduct the proceedings of the House in the absence of the Speaker
C swearing in members and hold change till a regular Speaker is elected
D officiate as Speaker when a Speaker is unlikely to be elected

Answer: Option [C]
26 Which among the following presides over the Lok Sabha in the absence of Speaker or Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha?
A A senior most member of the House
B A member appointed by the President
C A person from the panel formed by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha
D A member nominated by the members of the parliament present in the House

Answer: Option [C]
27 The Presidential Government operates on the principle of:
A Separation of Powers
B Balance of Powers
C Centralization of Powers
D Division of Powers between Centre and States

Answer: Option [A]
28 Who constitutes the Finance Commission after every five years?
A The Comptroller and Auditor General
B The Council of Ministers
C The Parliament
D The President

Answer: Option [D]
29 The President’s Rule is imposed on a State in India, when
A The Elections are announced
B The Governor of the State dies
C The State Cabinet of Ministers resigns
D There is a constitutional breakdown

Answer: Option [D]
30 Members of the Union Public Service Commission can be removed by the
A President on recommendation from Central Administrative Tribunal
B President on the basis of an inquiry and report by the Supreme Court
C President on a unanimous recommendation from the Union Council of Ministers
D Parliament after a resolution adopted with 2/3rds majority

Answer: Option [B]


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