Union Legislature - General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | Page-4

31 The item ‘Education’ belongs to the
A State List
B Union List
C Concurrent List
D Residuary Subjects

Answer: Option [C]
32 The joint session of the two Houses of Parliament is convened
A Only in case of national emergency
B When a bill passed by one House is rejected by the other House
C Taxes approved by one House are rejected by the other House
D Both (B) and (C)

Answer: Option [D]
33 An Ordinary bill passed by the State Assembly can be delayed by the Legislative Council for a maximum period of
A 2 month
B 3 month
C 4 month
D 5 month

Answer: Option [C]
34 Which of the following is the biggest head of non-plan expenditure of Government of India?
A Defence
B Subsidies
C Salaries and Wages
D Interest payments

Answer: Option [D]
35 Resources transferred from the Government of India to States are termed ‘statutory’ if they are made
A In the form of loans
B In the form of grants
C On the recommendations of the Finance Commission
D On the recommendations of the Planning Commission

Answer: Option [C]
36 Which city in India is the first to use municipal wastes to generate power?
A Chennai
B Delhi
C Mumbai
D Kolkata

Answer: Option [B]
37 Which of the following States was first to adopt the Panchayati Raj?
A Rajasthan
B Punjab
C Gujarat
D Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option [A]
38 Indian Parliament can rename or redefine the boundary of a State by
A Absolute majority
B A simple majority
C 2/3rd majority of the members voting
D 2/3rd majority of the members voting and an absolute majority of its total membership

Answer: Option [B]
39 Which of the following Indian States first adopted the 3-tier Panchayati Raj system?
A Bihar
B Assam
C Rajasthan
D Gujarat

Answer: Option [C]
40 Elections to the House of the People and the legislative assemblies of States in India are held on the basis of:
A Adult franchise
B Limited suffrage
C single transferable vote
D Proportional representation

Answer: Option [A]


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