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NCERT - Class 12 Biology Questions and Answers from Chapter "Evolution" | GkSeries

31 Selective breeding of organisms (Animal husbandry and plant breeding programs) for specific desirable characteristics are examples of
1 Mutation
2 Artificial selection
3 Reverse evolution
4 Natural selection

Answer: Artificial selection
32 According to Darwin, evolution is _______.
1 A slow, gradual and continuous process.
2 A sudden but discontinuous process
3 A slow and discontinuous process.
4 A slow, sudden and discontinuous process

Answer: A slow, gradual and continuous process.
33 Fossils are most commonly preserved in
1 Metamorphic rocks
2 Igneous rocks
3 Sedimentary rocks
4 Any type of rock

Answer: Sedimentary rocks
34 Darwin judged the fitness of an individual by
1 Ability to defend itself
2 Strategy to obtain food
3 Number of offspring
4 Dominance over other individuals

Answer: Number of offspring
35 Darwin’s Finches are an excellent example of
1 Floral characters
2 Evolutionary relationships
3 Morphological features
4 Chemical constituents

Answer: Evolutionary relationships
36 Divergent evolution of a single group of organisms in a new environment is called ______.
1 Adaptive radiation
2 Uniformitarianism
3 Catastrophism
4 Convergent evolution

Answer: Adaptive radiation
37 Tendrils in plants are an example of
1 Convergent evolution
2 Adaptive radiation
3 Divergent evolution
4 Co-evolution

Answer: Convergent evolution
38 Which of the following sentences is correct about microspheres?
1 Don't have all properties of life
2 Composed of many protein molecules
3 Bud to form smaller microspheres
4 All of these are correct

Answer: All of these are correct
39 What was the most significant trend in the evolution of modern man (Homo sapiens) from his ancestors?
1 Increasing brain capacity
2 Upright posture
3 Shortening of jaws
4 Binocular vision

Answer: Increasing brain capacity
40 Small and spherical vessels, bounded by a membrane like layer of amino acids are
1 Liposomes
2 Ribozymes
3 Protocell
4 Microspheres

Answer: Microspheres
41 In nature, the process by which different organisms evolve similar traits is called ______.
1 Genetic drift
2 Artificial selection
3 Divergent evolution
4 Convergent evolution

Answer: Convergent evolution
42 Which of the following is used as an atmospheric pollution indicator?
1 Lepidoptera
2 Lichens
3 Lycopersicon
4 Lycopodium

Answer: Lichens
43 Analogous organs arise due to:
1 divergent evolution
2 artificial selection
3 genetic drift
4 convergent evolution

Answer: convergent evolution
44 Evolution of life shows that life forms had a trend of moving from:
1 land to water
2 dryland to wet land
3 fresh water to sea water
4 water to land

Answer: water to land
45 Fossils are generally found in:
1 Sedimentary rocks
2 Igneous rocks
3 Metamorphic rocks
4 Any type of rock

Answer: Sedimentary rocks

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