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NCERT - Microbes in Human Welfare Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

16 Secondary sewage treatment is mainly a
1 Biological process
2 Chemical process
3 Virtual process
4 Physical process

Answer: Biological process
17 During anaerobic digestion of organic waste, such as in producing biogas, which one of the following is left undergraded?
1 Hemi-cellulose
2 Lignin
3 Lipids
4 Cellulose

Answer: Lignin
GkSeries apsc prelims 2023 test series
18 Which of the following is a symbiotic nitrogen fixer?
1 Azolla
2 Glomus
3 Azotobacter
4 Frankia

Answer: Frankia
19 Ethanol is commercially produced through a particular species of
1 Aspergillus
2 Saccharomyces
3 Clostridium
4 Trichoderma

Answer: Saccharomyces
20 A patient brought to a hospital with myocardial infarction is normally immediately given
1 Cyclosporin–A
2 Statins
3 Penicillin
4 Streptokinase

Answer: Streptokinase
21 The term antibiotic was coined by:
1 Howard Florey
2 John Tyndall
3 Selman Waksman
4 Gerhard Domagk

Answer: Selman Waksman
22 An important drug is obtained from the bark of
1 Withania
2 Cinchona
3 Papaver
4 Momordica

Answer: Cinchona
23 Select the correct statement from the following
1 Activated sludge-sediment in settlement tanks of sewage treatment plant is a rich source of aerobic bacteria
2 Biogas is produced by the activity of aerobic bacteria on animal waste
3 Methanobacterium is an aerobic bacterium found in rumen of cattle
4 Biogas, commonly called gobar gas, is pure methane

Answer: Activated sludge-sediment in settlement tanks of sewage treatment plant is a rich source of aerobic bacteria
24 Which of the following microbes is used for commercial production of ethanol?
1 Trichoderma polysporum
2 Streptococcus
3 Clostridium butylicum
4 Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Answer: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
25 Which of the following will begin fixing nitrogen only after they stop reproducing?
1 Penicillium
2 Rhizobium
3 Aspergillus
4 Streptococcus

Answer: Rhizobium
26 Organisms called Methanogens are most abundant in a
1 Hot spring
2 Hot spring
3 Cattle yard
4 Polluted stream

Answer: Cattle yard
27 Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) strains have been used for designing novel
1 Biofertilizers
2 Bio-mineralization processes
3 Bio-insecticidal plants
4 Bio-metallurgical techniques

Answer: Bio-insecticidal plants
28 What is the common name of Drosophila melanogaster?
1 Fruit fly
2 Roundworm
3 Zebrafish
4 Chlamydia

Answer: Fruit fly
29 The most abundant prokaryotes helpful to humans in making curd from milk and in production of antibiotics are the ones categorized as
1 Chemosynthetic autotrophs
2 Heterotrophic bacteria
3 Cyanobacteria
4 Archaebacteria

Answer: Heterotrophic bacteria
30 Which one of the following is not used in organic farming?
1 Glomus
2 Snail
3 Oscillatoria
4 Earthworm

Answer: Snail


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