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NCERT - Microbes in Human Welfare Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

61 Rotenone is
1 A bioherbicide
2 A natural insecticide
3 An insect hormone
4 A natural herbicide

Answer: A natural insecticide
62 The most common fungal partners of mycorrhiza are ______ species
1 Azotobacter
2 Glomus
3 Azolla
4 Frankia

Answer: Glomus


63 A hybrid where the cytoplasm of two parent cells are fused by retaining only one parental nucleus is called
1 Asymmetric somatic hybrid
2 Symmetric somatic hybrid
3 An interbreed
4 Cybrid

Answer: Cybrid
64 Streptokinase used as a ‘clot buster’ for removing clots from blood vessels of patients who have undergone myocardial infraction infection leading to heart attack is obtained from
1 Streptobacillus
2 Saccharomyces
3 Thiobacillus
4 Sreptococci

Answer: Sreptococci
65 The excreta of cattle, commonly called ‘gobar’ is rich in
1 Methanobacterium
2 Pseudomonas putida
3 Rhizobium
4 Bacillus species

Answer: Methanobacterium
66 The biological control of agricultural pests, unlike chemical control is
1 Very expensive
2 Polluting
3 Self perpetuating
4 Toxic

Answer: Self perpetuating

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