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NCERT - Reproduction in Organisms Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

31 The male organ in a flowering plant is...
1 Carpel
2 Seed
3 Stamen
4 Pollen

Answer: Stamen
32 Which of the following shows budding?
1 Yeast
2 Amoeba
3 Plasmodium
4 Paramoecium

Answer: Yeast
33 In the process of sexual reproduction...
1 only male is necessary
2 only female is necessary
3 both male and female are necessary
4 either a male or a female is necessary

Answer: both male and female are necessary
34 Which of the following is a surgical method of contraception for women?
1 Copper-T
2 Tubectomy
3 Vasectomy
4 Loop

Answer: Tubectomy
35 By which simple method asexual reproduction takes place in unicellular organisms like protozoa and bacteria?
1 Fragmentation
2 Fission
3 Budding
4 Regeneration

Answer: Fission
36 Which organisms reproduce through fragmentation?
1 Volvox, Sea anemone
2 Amoeba, Sea anemone
3 Paramoecium, Sea anemone
4 Spirogyra, Sea anemone

Answer: Spirogyra, Sea anemone
37 The main reproductive organ in human male is..
1 testis
2 penis
3 scrotum
4 vas deferans

Answer: testis
38 The method of asexual reproduction in spirogyra is...
1 division of a cell into two cells
2 breaking of filaments into smaller bits
3 division of a cell into many cells
4 formation of a large number of buds

Answer: breaking of filaments into smaller bits
39 Rhizopus reproduces by...
1 binary fission
2 budding
3 fragmentation
4 sporulation

Answer: sporulation
40 In humans, the fertilization of ovum by a sperm takes place in...
1 testis
2 oviduct
3 ovary
4 uterus

Answer: oviduct
41 Which of the following is not produced in ovary?
1 Ovum
2 Estrogen
3 Progesterone
4 Testosterone

Answer: Testosterone
42 Vegetative propagation is observed in...
1 yeast
2 mucor
3 hydra
4 potato

Answer: potato
43 Which of the following is a chemical device for birth control?
1 Copper-T
2 pills
3 Loop
4 Birth-control

Answer: Birth-control
44 In flowering plants, the fertilized egg cell develops into ______ within ovule.
1 seed
2 fruit
3 flower
4 embryo

Answer: embryo
45 The method by which desired characters of two plants can be combined is...
1 cutting
2 layering
3 budding
4 grafting

Answer: grafting

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