Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-31

151 Mumbai receives more rainfall than Pune because
A Pune has greater vegetation than Mumbai
B Mumbai is a coastal city
C Pune is at a greater elevation
D Mumbai in on the windward side

Answer: Option [D]
152 Which state is irrigated by Ganga canal ?
A Rajasthan
B Bihar
C Uttar Pradesh
D West Bengal

Answer: Option [C]
153 Rajasthan receives very little rain because
A it is too hot
B the monsoon fails to reach this area
C there is no water available and thus the winds remain dry
D the winds do not come any barriers to cause the necessary uplift to cool the wind

Answer: Option [D]
154 Jhum Cultivation is a method of cultivation which used to be practiced in
A Central Highland
B Nagaland
C Himachal Pradesh
D Coastal Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option [A]
155 Nallamala hills are located in the state of
A Meghalaya
B Andhra Pradesh
C Gujarat
D Odisha

Answer: Option [B]


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