Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-35

171 In Indian agriculture, the period from July to October-November is called
A Rabi season
B Kharif season
C Slack season
D Pre-kharif season

Answer: Option [B]
172 Operating surplus arises in the
A Enterprise sector
B Government sector
C Subsistence farming
D Production for self-consumption

Answer: Option [A]
173 Which is the first national park established in India?
A Bandipur National Park
B Velvadan National Park
C Corbett National Park
D Periyar National Park

Answer: Option [C]
174 Which among the following city of India used first electricity commercially ?
A Darjeeling
B Mumbai
C Chennai
D Calcutta

Answer: Option [A]
175 Which of the following is not correctly match with regard to Project Tiger Reserves ?
A Nagarjunasagar - Sri Sailam
B Valmiki - Hazaribagh
C Sariska - Alwar
D Pench - Garhwal

Answer: Option [D]

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