Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-32

156 Which of the following city is situated in the farthest east ?
A Chennai
B Lucknow
C Jablapur
D Hyderabad

Answer: Option [B]
157 Which State of India has the largest reserves of monazite with a high thorium content ?
A Karnataka
B Maharashtra
C Gujarat
D Kerala

Answer: Option [D]
158 The crops grown after the summer monsoon are called
A Rabi
B Seasonal
C Kharif
D Annual

Answer: Option [A]
159 Which from the following river does not originate in Indian territory ?
A Ravi
B Mahanadi
C Brahmaputra
D Chenab

Answer: Option [C]
160 where in India can you normally spot the Siberian crane in winter ?
A Ranthambore Sanctuary
B Keoladeo Ghana Sanctuary
C Sasangir Sanctuary
D Dachigam National Park

Answer: Option [B]


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