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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-34

166 On which river has the Hirakud Dam been built?
A Periyar
B Cauvery
C Godavari
D Mahanadi

Answer: Option [D]

The correct answer is Mahanadi. The Hirakud project is built across the Mahanadi river in Odisha. It was one of the first major multipurpose river valley projects started after India's independence.

167 Cultivation of wheat requires
A humid temperature and heavy rains
B moderate temperature and heavy rains
C moderate temperature and moderate rains
D humid temperature and moderate rains

Answer: Option [C]

Cultivation of wheat requires moderate temperature and moderate rains. Wheat is a temperate region crop thus requires moderate temperature and rainfall both. Temperature should not exceed above 20°C and rainfall should be between 50-100 cm along with a first free growing season.

168 Gujarat is the largest producer of salt in India because
A It has extensive dry coast
B It has extensive shallow seas
C Its coastal water are very saline
D Besides producing salt from saline water, it has reserves of rock salt

Answer: Option [A]

Gujarat is the largest producer of salt in India because it has extensive dry coast. Gujarat lies in sub tropical high pressure zone towards west India. It is characterized by semi - arid & arid conditions. The coastal zone of the state remains dry during most part of the year. Hence, salt production is high.

169 Which of the following does not have an influence over the climate on India ?
A Monsoons
B Nearness to equator
C Ocean currents
D Presence of Indian ocean

Answer: Option [C]

The correct answer is Ocean currents. Ocean currents does not have influence over the climate in India. Ocean currents act much like a conveyer belt, transporting warm water and precipitation from the equator toward the poles and cold water from the poles back to the tropics. Thus, currents regulate global climate, helping to counteract the uneven distribution of solar radiation reaching Earth's surface.

170 If the commodities manufactured is Surat are sold in Mumbai or Delhi, then it is
A International trade
B Internal trade
C Free trade
D Territorial trade

Answer: Option [B]

If the commodities manufactured is Surat are sold in Mumbai or Delhi, then it is internal trade. Domestic trade, also known as internal trade or home trade, is the exchange of domestic goods within the boundaries of a country. This may be sub-divided into two categories, wholesale and retail. The importance of domestic trade in a country is that it facilitates the exchange of goods within the country.


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