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NCERT - Ecosystem Questions and Answers for Class 12 | GkSeries

31 In a food chain of grassland ecosystem the top consumers are
1 Herbivorous
2 Carnivorous
3 Bacteria
4 Either carnivorous or herbivorous

Answer: Carnivorous
32 In which of the following form(s), the waster products are discharged into the biosphere?
1 Gaseous
2 Liquid
3 Solid
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
33 Microbes that break down the complex organic matter into simple substances like carbon, nitrogen, water etc. are
1 Producers
2 Decomposers
3 Consumers
4 SymbiontsNone of these

Answer: Decomposers
34 MAB stands for
1 Man and biosphere
2 Man, antibiotics and bacteria
3 Man and biotic community
4 Mayer, Anderson and Bisby

Answer: Man and biosphere
35 The type of ecosystem with the highest mean plant productivity is
1 Tropical rain forest
2 Temperate grassland
3 Desert
4 Tundra

Answer: Tropical rain forest
36 Actively moving organism in aquatic ecosystem
1 Benthos
2 Phytoplankton
3 Zoo plankton
4 Nekton

Answer: Nekton
37 Xeric environment is characterized by
1 High precipitation
2 Low atmospheric humidity
3 Extremes of temperatures
4 High rate of vaporization

Answer: Low atmospheric humidity
38 Ecosystem is smallest unit of
1 Ionosphere
2 Lithosphere
3 Biosphere
4 Mesosphere

Answer: Biosphere
39 The ecological pyramid which can be inverted in a tree eco-system is
1 Pyramid of Number
2 Pyramid of Energy
3 Pyramid of Biomass
4 both (b) and (c)

Answer: Pyramid of Number
40 Which of the following is primary consumer?
1 Producer
2 Carnivore
3 Top carnivore
4 Herbivore

Answer: Herbivore
41 Which of the following groups is absolutely essential functional component of the ecosystem?
1 Producers
2 Producers and herbivores
3 Producers and detritivores
4 Detritivores

Answer: Producers and detritivores
42 In an aquatic ecosystem, the trophic level equivalent to cows in grasslands is
1 Nekton
2 Zooplankton
3 Phytoplankton
4 Benthos

Answer: Zooplankton
43 Species that occur in different geographical regions separated by special barrier
1 Allopatric
2 Sympatric
3 Sibling
4 None of the above

Answer: Allopatric
44 Deserts, grasslands, forests and tundra are the examples of
1 Biomes
2 Biogeographical regions
3 Ecosystems
4 Ecosystems

Answer: Biomes
45 Biotic factors refer to
1 Gases produced by industries
2 Nutrient-deficient soils
3 Living organisms
4 Fossil fuel

Answer: Living organisms

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