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NCERT - Ecosystem Questions and Answers for Class 12 | GkSeries

46 Which one of the following types of organisms occupy more than one trophic level in a pond ecosystem?
1 Frog
2 Phytoplankton
3 Fish
4 Zooplankton

Answer: Fish
47 The set of ecosystems is called a
1 Biome
2 Climate
3 Subsystem
4 Structure

Answer: Biome
48 Which one of the following is commonly found in temperate coniferous forest?
1 Quercus
2 Dipterocarpus
3 Shorea robusta
4 Pinus wallichiana

Answer: Pinus wallichiana
49 The tiny free-swimming animals on the surface of water constitute
1 Phytoplankton
2 Symbionts
3 Benthos
4 Zooplankton

Answer: Zooplankton
50 Which of the following ecosystems has highest rate of gross primary production?
1 Grasslands
2 Mangroves
3 Coral reefs
4 Equatorial rain forests

Answer: Equatorial rain forests
51 The final stable community in ecological succession is
1 Climax
2 Sere
3 Pioneers
4 Carnivores

Answer: Climax
52 The following is an example of Terrestrial Biome
1 Rivers
2 Streams
3 Tropical rain forest
4 All of the above

Answer: Tropical rain forest
53 The biomass available for consumption by the herbivores and the decomposers is called
1 Gross primary productivity
2 Net primary productivity
3 Secondary productivity
4 Standing crop

Answer: Net primary productivity
54 Plant species having a wide range of genetical distribution evolve into a local population known as
1 Ecotype
2 Biome
3 Ecosystem
4 Population

Answer: Ecotype
55 In an ecosystem, the main source of energy is
1 heat released during transpiration
2 solar energy
3 sugar stored in plants
4 heat released during fermentation

Answer: solar energy
56 Transfer of energy in different trophic levels of an ecosystem is called
1 Bioenergetics
2 Biosystem
3 Geobiocoenosis
4 Holocoenotic

Answer: Bioenergetics
57 Which of the following is expected to have the highest value (gm/m2/yr) in a grassland ecosystem?
1 Tertiary production
2 Gross production (GP)
3 Net production (NP)
4 Secondary production

Answer: Gross production (GP)
58 When the two ecosystems overlap each other, the area is called
1 Habitat
2 Niche
3 Ecotone
4 Ecotype

Answer: Ecotone
59 The 10% law for energy transfer in food chains was given by
1 Stanley
2 Tranley
3 Lindemann
4 Weismann

Answer: Lindemann
60 The 10% law for energy transfer in food chains was given by
1 Stanley
2 Tranley
3 Lindemann
4 Weismann

Answer: Lindemann

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