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NCERT - Class 12 Biology Questions and Answers from Chapter "Ecosystem" | GkSeries

16 Littoral zone is located along the
1 High mountains
2 Sea
3 Rivers
4 Desert

Answer: Sea
17 Gradual and predictable changes in the species composition of a given area is
1 Primary succession
2 Ecological succession
3 Xerarch succession
4 Secondary succession

Answer: Ecological succession
18 Trophic levels are formed by
1 Only plants
2 only animals
3 Only carnivorous
4 Organisms linked in food chain

Answer: Organisms linked in food chain
19 The Biosphere consists of the following
1 Lakes
2 Soils
3 Solid sediments
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
20 Which one of the following correctly represents an organism and its ecological niche?
1 Vallisneria and pond
2 Desert locust (Schistocerca) and desert.
3 Plant lice (aphids) and leaf
4 Vultures and dense forestNone of these

Answer: Plant lice (aphids) and leaf
21 Biotic potential is counteracted by
1 Competition with other organisms
2 Producer is the largest
3 Limitation of food supply
4 None of the above

Answer: None of the above
22 About 70% of total global carbon is found in
1 Forests
2 Grasslands
3 Agroecosystems
4 Oceans

Answer: Oceans
23 The term ‘Ecosystem’ was coined by
1 Odum
2 Clements
3 Arthur G. Tansley
4 Elton

Answer: Elton
24 The food chain, in which the microorganisms breakdown the energy-rich organic compounds prepared by the producers, is known as
1 Detritus food chain
2 Predator food chain
3 Parasitic food chain
4 Ecosystem

Answer: Detritus food chain
25 Definition of ecosystem is
1 The community of organisms together with the environment in which they live
2 The abiotic component of a habitat
3 The part of the earth and its atmosphere which inhibits living organisms
4 A community of organisms interacting with one another

Answer: The community of organisms together with the environment in which they live
26 In a lake, phytoplankton grow in abundance in
1 Littoral zone
2 Limnetic zone
3 Profundal zone
4 Benthic region

Answer: Limnetic zone
27 The maximum biomass occurs in
1 Tropical forests
2 Temperate forests
3 Taiga
4 Alpine vegetation

Answer: Tropical forests
28 Mass of living matter at a trophic level in an area at any time is called
1 Standing state
2 Standing crop
3 Detritus
4 Humus

Answer: Standing crop
29 Animals living at the bottom of the sea are known as
1 Lentic
2 Pelagic
3 Benthic
4 Lotic

Answer: Benthic
30 Identify the possible link "A" in the following food chain: Plant → insect → frog → "A" → Eagle
1 Cobra
2 Parrot
3 Rabbit
4 Wolf

Answer: Cobra

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