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NCERT - Environmental Issues Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

31 The main sources of oceanic pollution are
1 oil
2 petroleum products
3 detergents
4 all of these

Answer: all of these
32 Which one of the following is the correct percentage of the two (out of the total of 4) green house gases that contribute to the total global warming?
1 CO2 40%,CFCs 30%
2 CFCs 14%, Methane 20%
3 Methane 20%, N2O 18%
4 N2O 6%, CO2 86%

Answer: CFCs 14%, Methane 20%
33 Ozone layer of upper atmosphere is being destroyed by
1 Chlorofluorocarbon
2 Photochemical oxidants
3 Sulphur dioxide
4 Smog

Answer: Chlorofluorocarbon
34 A high Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) indicates that:
1 water is pure
2 absence of microbial action
3 Low level of microbial pollution
4 High level of microbial pollution

Answer: High level of microbial pollution
35 Eutrophication causes decrease in
1 Dissolved hydrogen
2 Dissolved salts
3 Dissolved oxygen
4 All of these

Answer: Dissolved oxygen
36 The pollution which does not persistent harm to life supporting system is
1 Noise pollution
2 Radiation pollution
3 Organochlorine pollution
4 All of these

Answer: Noise pollution
37 Soap and detergents are the source of organic pollutants like:
1 glycerol
2 polyphosphates
3 sulphonated hydrocarbons
4 all of these

Answer: all of these
38 BOD of a pond is related to ______ in per unit volume of water
1 All the plants
2 All the nektons
3 All the microbes
4 All the animals

Answer: All the microbes
39 Peeling of Ozone umbrella, which protects us from UV rays, is caused by
1 CFCs
2 CO2
4 Coal burning

Answer: CFCs
40 Which method is used for the removal of sulphur dioxide and ammonia from the polluted air ?
1 Wet scrubbers
2 Absorption
3 Gravitational method
4 Electrostatic precipitator

Answer: Wet scrubbers
41 According to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), which particulate size in diameter (in micrometers) of the air pollutants is responsible for greatest harm to human health?
1 5.2 - 2.5
2 2.5 or less
3 1.5 or less
4 1.0 or less

Answer: 2.5 or less
42 Escherichia coli used as an indicator organism to determine pollution of water with
1 Industrial effluents
2 Heavy metals
3 Pollen of aquatic plants
4 Faecal matter

Answer: Faecal matter
43 Which one of the following statements is wrong in case of Bhopal, (India) tragedy?
1 It took place in the night of December 2/3/1984
2 Methyl Isocyanate gas leakage took place
3 Thousands of human beings died
4 Radioactive fall out engulfed Bhopal

Answer: Radioactive fall out engulfed Bhopal
44 Which of the environmental pollutions can cause birth defects?
1 Smog
2 CO
3 SO2
4 Radioactivity

Answer: Radioactivity
45 Major aerosol pollutant present in the jet plane emission is
1 Carbon monoxide
2 Carbon tetrachloride
3 Chlorofluorocarbon
4 Sulphur dioxide

Answer: Chlorofluorocarbon

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