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NCERT - Health and Diseases Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

226 Antibodies present in colostrum which protect the new born from certain diseases is of
1 Ig G type
2 Ig E type
3 Ig D type
4 Ig A type

Answer: Ig A type
227 When an apparently healthy person is diagnosed as unhealthy by a psychiatrist, the reason could be that:
1 the patient was not efficient at his work
2 the patient was not economically prosperous
3 the patient shows behavioural and social maladjustment
4 he does not take interest in sports

Answer: the patient shows behavioural and social maladjustment
228 The sporozoites that cause infection when a female Anopheles mosquito bites a human being are formed in:
1 Liver of human
2 RBCs of mosquito
3 salivary glands of mosquito
4 intestine of human

Answer: salivary glands of mosquito
229 The organisms which cause diseases in plants and animals are called:
1 Pathogens
2 Vectors
3 Insects
4 Worms

Answer: Pathogens
230 Many diseases can be diagnosed by observing the symptoms in the patient. Which group of symptoms are indicative of pneumonia?
1 Difficulty in respiration, fever, chills, cough, headache
2 Constipation, abdominal pain, cramps, blood clots
3 Nasal congestion and discharge, cough, sorethroat, headache
4 High fever, weakness, stomach pain, loss of appetite and constipation

Answer: Difficulty in respiration, fever, chills, cough, headache
231 Smack’ is a drug obtained from the:
1 latex of Papaver somniferum
2 leaves of Cannabis sativa
3 flowers of Dhatura
4 fruits of Erythroxyl coca

Answer: latex of Papaver somniferum
232 Transplantation of tissues/organs to save certain patients often fails due to rejection of such tissues/organs by the patient. Which type of immune response is responsible for such rejections?
1 auto-immune response
2 humoral immune response
3 physiological immune response
4 cell-mediated immune response

Answer: cell-mediated immune response
233 Anti venom against snake poison contains:
1 Antigens
2 Antigen-antibody complexes
3 Antibodies
4 Enzymes

Answer: Antibodies
234 One of the following is not the causal organism for ringworm
1 Microsporum
2 Trichophyton
3 Epidermophyton
4 Macrosporum

Answer: Macrosporum
235 The genes causing cancer are
1 structural genes
2 expressor genes
3 oncogenes
4 regulatory genes

Answer: oncogenes
236 Which of the following glands is large sized at birth but reducies in size with aging?
1 Pineal
2 Pituitary
3 Thymus
4 Thyroid

Answer: Thymus

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