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NCERT - Strategies for Environment and Food Production Questions of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

16 Crosses between two plants by the same variety are called
1 Intravarietal
2 Intervarietal
3 Interspecific
4 Intergeneric

Answer: Intravarietal
17 In tissue culture medium, the embryoids formed from pollen grains is due to
1 Double fertilization
2 Organogenesis
3 Cellular totipotency
4 Test tube cultur

Answer: Cellular totipotency


18 A transgenic food crap which may help in solving the problem of night blindness in developing countries is
1 Flavr Savr tomatoes
2 Golden rice
3 Starlink maize
4 Bt Soybean

Answer: Golden rice
19 Which one of the following pair is incorrectly matched in respect to the "crop varieties for disease resistance"?
1 Cowpea - Bacterial blight
2 Brassica - White rust
3 Wheat - Leaf and stripe rust
4 Cauliflower - Tobacco mosaic virus and leaf curl

Answer: Cauliflower - Tobacco mosaic virus and leaf curl
20 Which one of the following is not a biofertilizer?
1 Mycorrhiza
2 Agrobacterium
3 Rhizobium
4 Nostoc

Answer: Agrobacterium
21 Hybrid vigour is mostly due to
1 Homozygosity of pure characters
2 Superiority of all the genes
3 Heterozygosity
4 Mixing up of cytoplasm of the male with that of female

Answer: Heterozygosity
22 Norman Borlaug the ‘Father of Green Revolution’ has developed a highly recognized and appreciated cultivating variety of ______.
1 Wheat
2 Rice
3 Onion
4 Sugarcane

Answer: Wheat
23 Cloning is meant for
1 Production of HGH gene in E. coli.S
2 To preserve the genotype of organism
3 To replace the original one
4 all of these

Answer: all of these
24 Which one of the following scientist’s names is correctly matched with the theory put forth by him?
1 Pasteur – Inheritance of acquired characters
2 Mendel – Theory of Pangenesis
3 Weismann – Theory of continuity of Germplasm
4 de Vries – Natural selection

Answer: Weismann – Theory of continuity of Germplasm
25 Which one of the following is commonly used in transfer of foreign DNA into crop plants?
1 Penicillium expansum
2 Trichoderma harzianum
3 Meloidogyne incognita
4 Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Answer: Agrobacterium tumefaciens
26 The superiority of the hybrid over either parent in one or more traits is
1 Transformation
2 Metamorphosis
3 Heterosis
4 None of these

Answer: Heterosis
27 Heterosis means
1 Pollen sterility
2 Pollen-pistil incompatibility
3 Hybrid vigour
4 Hybrid compatibility

Answer: Hybrid vigour
28 An organism used as biofertilizer for raising soybean crop is
1 Nostoc
2 Azotobacter
3 Azospirillum
4 Rhizobium

Answer: Rhizobium
29 Which of the followings is correctly matched?
1 Apiculture - Honey bee
2 Pisciculture - Silk moth
3 Sericulture - Fish
4 Aquaculture – mosquitoes

Answer: Apiculture - Honey bee
30 The emasculation of flower buds is achieved by removing
1 Sepals
2 Anthers
3 Stigma
4 Corolla

Answer: Anthers

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