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NCERT - Strategies for Environment and Food Production Questions for Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

61 Use of certain chemicals and radiation to change the base sequences of genes of crop plants is termed:
1 recombinant DNA technology
2 transgenic mechanism
3 mutation breeding
4 gene therapy.

Answer: mutation breeding
62 Which one of the following is a marine fish:
1 Rohu
2 Hilsa
3 Catla
4 Common Carp.

Answer: Hilsa
63 33 percent of India’s (Gross Domestic Product) comes from
1 Industry
2 Export
3 Agriculture
4 Small-scale cottage industries.

Answer: Agriculture
64 Fungicides and antibiotics are chemicals that:
1 enhance yield and disease resistance
2 kill all pathogenic microbes
3 kill pathogenic fungi and bacteria, respectively
4 kill pathogenic bacteria and fungi respectively.

Answer: kill pathogenic fungi and bacteria, respectively
65 Protoplast is:
1 another name for protoplasm
2 an animal cell
3 plant cell without a cell wall
4 plant cell.

Answer: plant cell without a cell wall
66 Which one of the following products of apiculture is used in cosmetics and polishes:
1 honey
2 oil
3 wax
4 Royal jelly

Answer: wax
67 An organism that expresses a transgene is called
1 Clone organism
2 Mutated organism
3 somaclonal organism
4 Transgenic organism

Answer: Transgenic organism
68 Fusion between protoplasts of the selected parents is induced by
1 Polyethyl glycol
2 Electric current
3 mutagene
4 both 1 and 2

Answer: both 1 and 2
69 Recombinant proteins are proteins produced by
1 Dominant genes
2 Transgenes
3 Mutated genes
4 Recessive genes

Answer: Transgenes
70 The way in which biotechnology can contribute to sustainable agriculture is
1 biofertilizer
2 Single Cell Protein (SCP)
3 Disease and insect resistant varieties
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
71 A patent is granted for
1 An invention
2 The process of generating a product
3 An improvement in an earlier invention
4 All of these

Answer: All of these
72 Haploids of Datura are produced by
1 Tissue culture
2 Anther culture
3 Subculture
4 Meristem culture

Answer: Anther culture
73 Production of which enzyme was blocked in Flavr Savr tomato
1 Ligase
2 Invertase
3 Peptidase
4 polygalacto uronase

Answer: polygalacto uronase
74 Microorganism used as biopesticides is
1 Fungi
2 Protozoa
3 Bacteria
4 All of these

Answer: All of these
75 A crop that contains and expresses a transgene is called
1 GM crops
2 Transgenic crop
3 Genetically modified crop
4 both 2 and 3

Answer: both 2 and 3

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