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NCERT - Strategies for Environment and Food Production Questions of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

31 In which crops is the method of mass selection applied
1 Self-pollinated
2 Cross-pollinated
3 Both self and cross-pollinated
4 Potato and sugarcane

Answer: Cross-pollinated
32 A large proportion of cultivated plants are _______.
1 Aneuploids
2 Allopolyploids
3 Autopolyploids
4 Haploids

Answer: Allopolyploids
33 Mutations can be induced with
1 Infra Red radiations
2 Ethylene
3 Gamma radiations
4 None of these

Answer: Gamma radiations
34 Selection of homozygous plant is
1 Mixed selection
2 Mass selection
3 Pure line selection
4 none of these

Answer: Pure line selection
35 Breeding crops with higher levels of minerals, vitamins or higher protein and healthier fats is called
1 Micropropagation
2 Somatic hybridization
3 Biofortification
4 Biomagnification

Answer: Biofortification
36 In order to obtain disease-free plants through tissue culture techniques, the best method is
1 Protoplast culture
2 Anther culture
3 Embryo rescue
4 Meristem culture

Answer: Meristem culture
37 When two unrelated individuals or lines are crossed, the performance of F1 hybrid is often superior to both its parents. This phenomenon is called
1 Metamorphosis
2 Heterosis
3 Transformation
4 none of these

Answer: Heterosis
38 The entire collections of plants/seeds having all diverse alleles for all the genes of a crop is called
1 Germplasm
2 Herbarium
3 Genome
4 Gene library

Answer: Germplasm
39 Which one of the following helps in absorption of phosphorus from soil by plants?
1 Anabaena
2 Glomus
3 Rhizobium
4 Frankia

Answer: Glomus
40 The best way to obtain bacteria and viruses free plants through tissue culture
1 Seed germination after gamma-irradiation
2 Micropropagation
3 Shoot apex or meristem culture
4 Seed germination under aseptic conditions

Answer: Shoot apex or meristem culture
41 Pure line breeds refer to
1 Heterozygosity
2 Homozygosity only
3 Homozygosity and independent assortment
4 Heterozygosity and linkage

Answer: Homozygosity only
42 The dividing and undifferentiated cells are known as
1 Embryo
2 Proembryo
3 Callus
4 Primordium

Answer: Callus
43 The chances of contacting bird flu from a properly cooked (above 100°C) chicken and egg are:
1 very high
2 high
3 high
4 none

Answer: none
44 Micro-propagation is:
1 propagation of microbes in vitro
2 propagation of plants in vitro
3 propagation of cells in vitro
4 growing plants on smaller scale.

Answer: propagation of plants in vitro
45 More than 70 per cent of livestock population is in:
1 Denmark
2 India
3 China
4 India and China.

Answer: India and China.

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