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Computer Awareness MCQs | Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 A device that can convert digital signal to analog signal is-
A a packet
B Modem
C Switch
D Router

Answer: Modem
2 A dot-matrix printer-
A Is an input-output device
B Is an output device only
C Is an input device only
D None of these

Answer: Is an output device only
3 ROM is composed of-
A Magnetic cores
B Micro-processors
C Photoelectric cells
D Floppy disks

Answer: Micro-processors
4 A term used interchangeably with diskette is-
A Disk cartridge
B Disk pack
C Floppy disk
D Packette disk

Answer: Floppy disk
5 To locate a data items for storage is-
A Field
B Feed
C Database
D Fetch

Answer: Fetch
6 The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are:
A Syntax error
B Symantic error
C Logical error
D Internal error

Answer: Syntax error
7 Alerts are mostly appears in ____?
A Check box
B Combo box
C Dialog box
D Window box

Answer: Dialog box
8 A file which has not been alerted, compressed, or manipulated in any way by the computer is called?
A Temp file
B Raw file
C Permanent file
D Distort file

Answer: Raw file
9 BSNL Reliance, Shaw cable, AOL, Tata Indicom all can be kept in which one of the following groups?

Answer: ISP
10 In computer file systems which among the following is top or first in hierarchy?
A Root directory
B Parent directory
C Home directory
D Working directory

Answer: Root directory
11 The combination of the operating system and the processor is referred to as the computer’s :
B Platform
D None of these

Answer: CPU
12 A dot-matrix printer
A Is an input-output device
B Is an output device only
C Is an input device only
D None of these

Answer: Is an output device only
13 Which of the following is not a protocol in the application layer of TCP/IP suit:
D None of these

Answer: TCP
14 A scientific institution performing intensive mathematical operations for a complex model that required extremely powerful computing capabilities will most likely use a(n):
A Supercomputer
C mainframe
D None of these

Answer: Supercomputer
15 The Principle advantage of adding memory to a printer is to increase:
A resolution
B Print Speed
C Number of colors in output
D None of these

Answer: Print Speed
16 What digits are representative of all binary numbers?
A 0
B 1
C both 0 and 1
D None of these

Answer: Both 0 and 1
17 Which of the following terms is the most closely related to main memory?
A nonvolatile
B permanent
C control unit
D temporary

Answer: Temporary
18 Which kind of storage device can be carried around?
A Floppy disk
B Hard disk
C System cabinet
D Hard disk drive

Answer: Floppy disk
19 Alerts are mostly appear in ______?
A Check Box
B Combo Box
C Dialog Box
D None of these

Answer: Dialog Box
20 Which of the following was used in first generation computers?
A Machine Language
B High Language
C Assembly Language
D None of these

Answer: Machine Language

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