Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-36

176 When was the Matak territory annexed to the British dominion?
A 1826
B 1842
C 1862
D 1890

Answer: Option [B]
177 The large tank in Tezpur known as Hajara Pukhuri excavated by
A Harjaravardan
B Bana
C Bhaskarvarman
D Narakasura

Answer: Option [A]
178 The ambassador name sent by Bhaskarvarman to Harshabardhan was
A Vayu
B Meghadut
C Hangsavega
D Varuna

Answer: Option [C]
179 The contemporary of Bhaskarvarman in northern Indian was
A Ashoka
B Harsavardhan
C Raja Prithvinarayan
D Raja Chola

Answer: Option [B]
180 Hiuen Tsang described which Kamrupa king as the "Aristrocatic King of Eastern India"?
A Banasura
B Bhaskar-varman
C Pushya-varman
D Kalyana-varman

Answer: Option [B]

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