Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-37

181 What was the first Assamese daily newspaper?
A Assam Bandhu
B Dainik Batori
C Natun Asamiya
D Orunodoi

Answer: Option [B]
182 On the accounts of Hiuen Tsang it is mentioned that a famous port in the Bay of Bengal was under the control of Bhaskarvarma. Which was it?
A Tamralipi
B Dhaka
C Vishakhapattam
D Chittagaon ( Chattagram )

Answer: Option [A]
183 What was the reason behind the issue of Nidhanpur Grant by Bhaskarvarman?
A Kamakhya temple
B Umananda temple
C Durga Devi
D Review the land grants of Bhutivarman

Answer: Option [D]
184 Hiuen Tsang visited Kamrupa during the reign of
A Samudra-varman
B Bhaskar-varman
C Vanamala-varman
D Narakasura

Answer: Option [B]
185 The ruins of the brick temple at Da-Parbatiya belong to
A Mauyryan period
B Vedic period
C Later Gupta period
D None of these

Answer: Option [C]

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