Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-39

191 The ruins of the Da-parbatiya temple is dedicated to which god/goddes?
A Visnu
B Shiva
C Durga
D Kamakhya

Answer: Option [B]
192 The rule of Varman dynasty came to end with the death of:
A Bhutivarman
B Mahendravarman
C Banamalavarman
D Bhaskarvarman

Answer: Option [D]
193 Who was Malati Mem alias Mungri?
A First woman graduate of Assam
B First woman I.A.S. of Assam
C First woman martyr of Assam
D First woman representative of Assam to the Legislative council of the state

Answer: Option [C]
194 What was the name of the Koch king who rebuilt the Kamakhya temple?
A Naranarayan
B Biswa Singha
C Mohandra Narayan
D Balinarayan

Answer: Option [A]
195 The first Mohammedan invasion of Kamrupa took place during the reign of king:
A Vaidyadeva
B Jayapala
C Prithu
D Rampala

Answer: Option [C]

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