Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-38

186 The first Khasi chief to declare war against the British was:
A Tirot Singh
B Bir Singha
C Hari Singh
D Birendra Singha

Answer: Option [A]
187 Who was the first king of Pala dynasty?
A Gopala
B Brahmapala
C Harshapala
D Indrapala

Answer: Option [B]
188 Which Kamrupa king made friendship with Harshavardhan?
A Bhaskarvarman
B Naraka
C Rampal
D Bhagadatta

Answer: Option [A]
189 Which famous temple is built during the reign of Salastambha dynasty?
A Bhubaneshwari Mandir
B Sri Mahabhairab Mandir
C Kamakhya Mandir
D Mohamaya Mandir

Answer: Option [B]
190 Which king honoured Bhaskar-varman at a conference held at Kanouj?
A Rampala
B Harshavardhan
C Ashoka
D None of these

Answer: Option [B]

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