Biogeography - GK Questions and Answers for competitive exams on Geography | page-26

126 The process that maintains the flow of water through the terrestrial and atmosphere cycles is known as
A Climatic cycle
B Nutrients cycle
C Hydrological cycle
D Geo-chemical cycle

Answer: Option [C]
127 Which one of the following is not a micro – nutrient ?
A Molybdenum
B Magnesium
C Chloride
D Manganese

Answer: Option [B]
128 If the size of an individual particle in the soil has a diameter between 0.002 mm and 0.05mm, the soil is known as
A Silt
B Loam
C sand
D Clay

Answer: Option [A]
129 Which one of the following constitute the second Trophic level of the food chain ?
A Autotrophs
B Carnivores
C Omnivores
D Herbivores

Answer: Option [D]
130 Which one of the following is one of the primary carnivores ?
A Insects
B Hydra
C Snails
D Duckweed

Answer: Option [B]

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