The Judiciary - General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | Page-8

71 Consumer protection Act 1986, was amended in:
A 1991
B 1992
C 1993
D 1994

Answer: Option [A]
72 Section of IPC, which deals with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community is:
A 376
B 370
C 377
D None of these

Answer: Option [C]
73 The concept of “Rule of Law” is a special feature of constitutional system of
A Switzerland
B France
C U.S.A.
D Britain

Answer: Option [D]
74 How liberty can be limited?
A By Rule
B By Law
C By Authority
D By Equality

Answer: Option [B]
75 Most important safeguard of liberty is
A Declaration of rights
B Decentralization of power
C Well-knit party system
D Bold and impartial judiciary

Answer: Option [D]
76 What is the ancient school of law?
A The Sociological School
B The Philosophical School
C The Historical School
D The Analytical School

Answer: Option [B]
77 Which among the following is not a preventive detention act?
A Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA)
B Preventive of Terrorism Act (POTA)
C Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA)
D Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act (COFEPOSA)

Answer: Option [A]
78 Wildlife Protection Act was implemented in India in
A 1956
B 1972
C 1964
D 1986

Answer: Option [B]
79 Which of the following is not dealt under Section 3 (3) of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986?
A The Biodiversity Authority
B The Coastal Zone Management Authority
C Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Right Authority
D Authority set-up to monitor the State of Notified Ecologically Sensitive Areas

Answer: Option [C]
80 On which date did the Rajya Sabha pass “The Marriage Laws” (Amendment) Bill 2012?
A 18th August, 2013
B 5th August, 2013
C 26th August, 2013
D 23rd August, 2013

Answer: Option [C]
81 The power to decide an Election Petition for the State is vested in the
A High Court
B Supreme Court
C Parliament
D Election Commission

Answer: Option [A]
82 In which year was the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) enacted?
A 2000
B 2001
C 2002
D 2003

Answer: Option [C]


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