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NCERT - Biodiversity & Conservation Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

31 –1°C to 13°C annual variations in the intensity and duration of temperature and 50 to 250 cm annual variation in precipitation, account for the formation of major biome as:
1 Tropical forest
2 Coniferous forest
3 Temperate forest
4 Grassland

Answer: Coniferous forest
32 IUCN is also called as
1 Man and Biosphere program
2 World Conservation Union
3 World Conservation Consortium
4 World Wide Conservation Union

Answer: World Conservation Union
33 Which of the following pairs of an animal and a plant represents endangered organisms in India?
1 Banyan and Black Duck
2 Tamarind and Rhesus monkey
3 Tamarind and Rhesus monkey
4 Bentinckia nicobarica and red panda

Answer: Bentinckia nicobarica and red panda
34 Approximately, 50% of total world species are present on
1 tropical rain forest
2 temperate rain forest
3 temperate deciduous forest
4 coral reefs

Answer: tropical rain forest
35 Biodiversity
1 increases towards the equator
2 decreases towards the equator
3 remains same throughout the planet
4 has no effect on change in latitude

Answer: increases towards the equator
36 The most important reason for decrease in biodiversity is
1 habitat pollution
2 introduction of exotic species
3 over-exploitation
4 habitat destruction

Answer: habitat destruction
37 Which one of the following is not a renewable, exhaustible natural resource?
1 Aquatic animals
2 Aquatic animals
3 Soil fertility
4 Minerals

Answer: Minerals
38 Which one of the following is an example ex-situ conservation?
1 National park
2 Wildlife sanctuary
3 Seed bank
4 Sacred groves

Answer: Sacred groves
39 Sacred groves are specially useful in
1 Generating environmental awareness
2 Preventing soil erosion
3 Year-round flow of water in rivers
4 Conserving rare and threatened species

Answer: Conserving rare and threatened species
40 The greatest problem of water conservation is to reduce the amount of
1 Precipitation
2 Runoff water
3 Groundwater
4 Evaporation

Answer: Runoff water
41 Conservation within the natural habitat is
1 exsitu conservation
2 insitu conservation
3 invivo conservation
4 exvivo conservation

Answer: insitu conservation
42 Example for a renewable resource:
1 Soil fertility
2 Water
3 Living organisms
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
43 All are insitu conservation efforts except
1 National parks
2 Sanctuaries
3 Zoo
4 biosphere reserves

Answer: Zoo
44 Identify the odd combination of the habitat and the particular animal concerned
1 Sunderbens- Bengal Tiger
2 Periyar- Elephant
3 Rann of Kutch- Wild Ass
4 Dachigam National Park- Snow leopard

Answer: Dachigam National Park- Snow leopard
45 MAB program stands for
1 Man and biotechnology
2 Material and biology
3 Man and Biology
4 Man and Biosphere

Answer: Man and Biosphere

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