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NCERT - Biodiversity & Conservation Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

46 Dodo is
1 endangered
2 critically endangered
3 rare
4 extinct

Answer: extinct
47 Which one of the following is the correctly matched pair of an endangered animal and a national park?
1 Great Indian: Keoladeo National Park Bustard
2 Lion: Corbett National Park
3 Rhinoceros: Kaziranga National Park
4 Wild ass: Dudhwa National Park

Answer: Rhinoceros: Kaziranga National Park
48 Which one of the following is not observed in biodiversity hotspots?
1 Species richness
2 Endemism
3 Accelerated species loss
4 Lesser inter-specific competition

Answer: Lesser inter-specific competition
49 Sacred groves are specially useful in
1 Generating environmental awareness
2 Preventing soil erosion
3 Year-round flow of water in rivers
4 Conserving rare and threatened species

Answer: Conserving rare and threatened species
50 Indri-indri lemur is found in
1 Sri Lanka
2 India
3 Mauritius
4 Madagaskar

Answer: Madagaskar
51 The term Alpha diversity refers to
1 Genetic diversity
2 Community and ecosystem diversity
3 Species diversity
4 Diversity among the plants

Answer: Community and ecosystem diversity
52 Maximum nutritional diversity is found in the group:
1 33% for plains and 67% for hills
2 37% for plains and 63% for hills
3 20% for plains and 70% for hills
4 23% for plains and 77% for hills

Answer: 33% for plains and 67% for hills
53 Which endangered animal is the source of the world’s finest, lightest, warmest and most expensive wool -the shahtoosh?
1 Nilgai
2 Cheetal
3 Chiru
4 Kasmiri goat

Answer: Chiru
54 The law which ensure environmental stability and maintenance of ecological balance is
1 Forest Act 1927
2 National Forest Policy 1988
3 Wildlife Act 1972
4 Wild Life Protection Act 1991

Answer: National Forest Policy 1988
55 The total energy required by one man approximately-----per/day:
1 10000-20000 kcal
2 1000-2000 kcal
3 2000 - 4000 kcal
4 3000-5000 kcal

Answer: 2000 - 4000 kcal
56 Which one of the following areas in India, is a hotspot of biodiversity?
1 Sunderbans
2 Western Ghats
3 Eastern Ghats
4 Gangetic Plain

Answer: Western Ghats
57 Biodiversity of a geographical region represents
1 Genetic diversity present in the dominant species of the region
2 Species endemic to the region
3 Endangered species found in the region
4 The diversity in the organisms living in the region

Answer: The diversity in the organisms living in the region
58 Global warming can be controlled by
1 Reducing deforestation, cutting down use of fossil fuel
2 Reducing reforestation, increasing the use of fossil fuel
3 Increasing deforestation, slowing down the growth of human population
4 Increasing deforestation, reducing efficiency of energy usage

Answer: Reducing deforestation, cutting down use of fossil fuel
59 Which one of the following is not included under in situ conservation?
1 National park
2 Wild life sanctuary
3 Zoological garden
4 Biosphere reserve

Answer: Zoological garden
60 Which is an extinct species?
1 Dodo of Mauritius
2 Kiwi from New Zealand
3 Cheetah from India
4 both b and c

Answer: both b and c

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