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NCERT - Molecular Basis of Inheritance Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

16 The transcription of any gene is the indication of its
1 Induction
2 Activity
3 Stimulation
4 Hypersensitivity

Answer: Activity
17 Which one of the following is not a part of a transcription unit in DNA?
1 A promoter
2 The structural gene
3 The inducer
4 A terminator

Answer: The inducer
18 Removal of introns and joining the exons in a defined order in a transcription unit is called
1 Capping
2 Splicing
3 Tailing
4 Transformation

Answer: Splicing
19 During protein synthesis, AUG functions as the initiator codon in mRNA. What should be the anticodon on the tRNA molecule that picks up and brings the amino acid specified by this codon?

Answer: UAC
20 The one aspect which is not a salient feature of genetic code, is its being
1 Specific
2 Degenerate
3 Universal
4 Ambiguous

Answer: Ambiguous
21 Signaling between cells usually results in the activation of protein
1 Lipases
2 Kinases
3 Proteases
4 Nucleases

Answer: Kinases
22 There are ______ subunits that make up a nucleotide?
1 One
2 One
3 Three
4 Four

Answer: Three
23 There is no DNA in
1 Hair root
2 An enucleated ovum
3 Mature RBCs
4 A mature spermatozoan

Answer: Mature RBCs
24 A single strand of nucleic acid tagged with a radioactive molecule is called
1 Plasmid
2 Probe
3 Vector
4 Selectable marker

Answer: Probe
25 Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched with regard to the codon and the amino acid coded by it?
1 AAA-Lysine
2 AUG-Cysteine
3 CCC-Alanine
4 UUA-Valine

Answer: AAA-Lysine
26 A phenomenon where the third base of t-RNA at its 5’ end can pair with a non-complementary base of m-RNA is called
1 Degeneracy
2 Wobbling
3 Universality
4 Collinearity

Answer: Wobbling
27 The primary control of gene expression takes place at the level of
1 Translation
2 Transcription
3 DNA-replication
4 None of the above

Answer: Transcription
28 If one strand of DNA has the nitrogenous base sequence as ATCTG, what would be the complementary RNA strand sequence?

Answer: UAGAC
29 Satellite DNA is useful tool in
1 Genetic engineering
2 Organ transplantation
3 Sex determination
4 Forensic science

Answer: Forensic science
30 DNA or RNA segment tagged with a radioactive molecule is called
1 Plasmid
2 Vector
3 Probe
4 Clone

Answer: Probe

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