English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 16

1 The seven deadly sins are sought to be portrayed in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Which of the following sins is not covered by Chaucer ?

I. Jealousy

II. Envy

III. Lust

IV. Homicide

The right combination according to the code is

1 I & II
2 I & III
3 I & IV
4 III & IV

Answer: I & IV
2 Richardson’s Pamela had its origin in
1 the real case of a woman born to lower-middle-class parents
2 an elementary letter-writing manual
3 the general plight of English women
4 the suggestion of a friend to defend middle-class values

Answer:an elementary letter-writing manual
3 The Medall, a poem written by John Dryden in 1681, is sub-titled
1 A Satire against Sedition
2 A Satire against Tyranny
3 A Satire against Greed
4 A Satire against Apostasy

Answer:A Satire against Sedition
4 “Full fathom five thy father lies” is an example of
1 assonance
2 alliteration
3 apostrophe
4 enjambment

Answer: alliteration
5 What is a trochee ?
1 A two syllable foot of verse with two heavy stresses
2 A two syllable foot of verse in which the stress falls on the first syllable
3 Three successive heavy stresses
4 A six line stanza in which the rhyme sounds are all identical

Answer:A two syllable foot of verse in which the stress falls on the first syllable
6 Keats’s “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” combines two poetic forms

I. Lyric

II. Dramatic Monologue

III. Ballad

IV. Sonnet

The right combination according to the code is

1 II and III
2 I and IV
3 I and III
4 II and IV

Answer:I and III
7 ______ narrator highlights the problem of narrative authority.
1 First person
2 Self-conscious
3 Third person
4 Participant

8 Who among the following modern writers is associated with the quote, “Only connect” ?
1 D.H. Lawrence
2 Virginia Woolf
3 James Joyce
4 E.M. Forster

Answer: E.M. Forster
9 Which of the following images does not figure in Auden’s “Musee des Beaux Arts” ?
1 a boy falling out of the sky
2 children … skating on a pond at the edge of wood
3 ranches of isolation and the busy griefs
4 the dogs go on with their doggy life

Answer: ranches of isolation and the busy griefs
10 Feste is a clown in
1 Twelfth Night
2 As You Like It
3 The Taming of the Shrew
4 Much Ado About Nothing

Answer: Twelfth Night
11 Which play by Tom Stoppard has a play within the play ?
1 Enter a Free Man.
2 The Real Inspector Hound.
3 Jumpers.
4 Night and Day.

Answer: The Real Inspector Hound
12 Which of the following is not true of free verse ?
1 Characterised by short, irregular lines
2 No rhyme pattern
3 Written in iambic pentameter
4 A dependence on the effective and more intense use of pauses

Answer: Written in iambic pentameter
13 James Thomson’s long poem, The Seasons, revised and expanded all his life, began in the first instance as a poem entitled
1 Spring
2 Summer
3 Winter
4 Autumn

14 Two cantos from the seventh book of The Faerie Queene appeared posthumously. They are known as
1 Mutability cantos
2 Friendship cantos
3 Justice cantos
4 Courtesy cantos

Answer: Mutability cantos
15 Foucault believes that the facts of history will protect us from
1 repeating mistakes
2 totalitarianism
3 deconstructionism
4 historicism


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