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Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | MBA BBA Quiz Set 44

1 Which one of the following is the correct expression for the Fisher equation, where n = the annual nominal interest rate r = the annual real interest rate P = the expected annual inflation rate
1 (1 + n) = (1 + r) (1 + P)
2 (1 + r) = (1 + P) (1 + n)
3 (1 + P) = (1 + n) (1 + r)
4 (1 – r)2 = (1 + P) (1 + n)

Answer:(1 + n) = (1 + r) (1 + P)
2 Your firm is selling 1,000 units at a price of ` 10 per unit. The firm’s total explicit cost is ` 8,000. The firm’s implicit cost is ` 1,000 and the opportunity cost of your time in managing the firm is ` 1,000. In the above situation, which one of the following is true ?
1 Accounting profit is 0.
2 Economic profit is less than the accounting profit
3 Marginal cost is ` 1,000
4 Economic profit is ` 1,000

Answer: Broad differentiation


3 Today, mobile phones have many features such as camera, GPS, Internet, music and video recording. This is an example of
1 Convertibility of Industries
2 Combination of Industries
3 Competition among Industries
4 Convergence of Industries

Answer:Convergence of Industries
4 An organisation that is downsizing to reduce cost is implementing a strategy of
1 Growth
2 Focus
3 Renewal
4 Stability

Answer: Renewal
5 Which of the following best describes the financial crisis of 2008 ?
1 Liberal availability of mortgages
2 Poor standard of lending to buy houses.
3 An increase in asymmetric information, severe adverse selection and moral hazards in financial markets.
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
6 In _________ grapevine, a person transmits the information to a few selected people and some of them pass it on to select others.
1 Cluster
2 Gossip
3 Probability
4 ‘Single-strand chain’

7 Which stage of the conflict process entails ‘Perceived conflict’ and ‘Felt conflict’ ?
1 Cognition and personalisation
2 Intensions
3 Behaviour
4 Outcomes

Answer:Cognition and personalisation
8 Sensitivity training, an important OD technique, is also known as
1 Core group training
2 T-groups
3 X-group training
4 Y-group trainings

9 Indicate the correct statement / statements from among the ones given below :

(i) The burden of proof of misconduct lies on the defendant.

(ii) The chargesheeted worker is entitled to examine the evidence of management.

(iii) For a grave misconduct, an employee can be punished twice.

(iv) The chargesheeted worker has a right to present such witnesses one whom he/she has faith.

Codes :
1 (i) and (iii) are correct
2 (ii) and (iii) are correct
3 (i) and (iv) are correct
4 (ii) and (iv) are correct

Answer:(ii) and (iv) are correct
10 Which of the following is not an effective source of recruitment for a middle-level managerial position ?
1 Company website
2 In-campus interview
3 ‘Head hunters’
4 Newspapers

Answer: In-campus interview
11 Which of the following is not a responsibility of the mentor ?
1 Enabling promotion
2 Enabling skill development
3 Building confidence
4 Being a role model for the Mentee

Answer: Enabling promotion
12 Which of the following is not an individual method of performance appraisal ?
1 360-degree appraisal
2 Management By Objective (MBO)
3 Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)
4 Checklist method

Answer:360-degree appraisal
13 Choose the correct statements :

(a) Job-evaluation is used to determine compensation

(b) Job-induction is not a type of training

(c) Job-enrichment is referred to as vertical job loading

(d) Job-enlargement is referred to as vertical job loading

1 (a) and (d) are true.
2 (b) and (d) are true.
3 (c) and (a) are true.
4 (c) and (d) are true.

Answer:(c) and (a) are true.
14 Which of the following is an example of ‘Meta-Competency’ ?
1 Empowering the employees
2 Managing work performance
3 Leading others
4 Fostering Diversity

Answer:Leading others
15 The Constitution of India provides for Worker’s Participation in Management under which article ?
1 Article 38
2 Article 43
3 Article 39
4 Article 47

Answer:Article 43

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