Punjab History Quiz | Punjab History Objective Type Questions and Answers

21 Who did Guru Angad Dev ji resolve to appoint as his successor?
A Guru Amardass ji
B Guru Arjan Dev ji
C Guru Gobind Singh ji
D Guru HarRai ji

Answer: Guru Amardass ji
22 How many paise did Guru Angad Dev offer and paid obeisance to the successor?
A Two paise
B Three paise
C Five paise
D Ten paise

Answer: Five paise
23 After having been defeated by Shershah Suri, which way did Hamayun face towards?
A Multan
B Mathura
C Lahore
D Sialkot

Answer: Lahore
24 When did Guru Angad Dev start the construction of Govindwal?
A In 1546 AD
B In 1390 AD
C In 1530 AD
D In 1495 AD

Answer: In 1546 AD
25 How many shabads did Guru Angad Dev ji composed in all?
A 63
B 60
C 95
D 70

Answer: 63
26 Who used to carry out the Langer management during the time of Guru Angad Dev Ji?
A Mata Sulakahani
B Mata Gujari
C Mata Khivi
D Mata Sahib Kaur

Answer: Mata Khivi
27 Who founded the discipline in the Langer system?
A Guru Amardass
B Guru Ramdass
C Guru Nanak
D Guru Angad

Answer: Guru Amardass
28 Who did recognise the Gurmukhi as the free-script at first?
A Guru Amardass
B Guru Nanak
C Guru Angad
D Guru Ramdass

Answer: Guru Nanak
29 What is called as the Punjabi script?
A Persian
B Punjabi
C Gurmukhi
D English

Answer: Gurmukhi
30 Prior to become the Guru, which name had Guru Angad Dev ji been known with?
A Khadag Singh
B Bhai Lehana
C Bhai Bala
D Bhai Mardana

Answer: Bhai Lehana
31 What was the “Manjies” in the “Sikhs Religion”?
A To loof after religious institutions
B To collect revenues
C To deliver sermons
D To have love for religion

Answer: To deliver sermons
32 Which is the Guru known as the saviour of “Tilak Jannyu”?
A Guru Hargobind
B Guru Gobind Singh
C Guru Teg Bahadur
D Guru Arjan Dev

Answer: Guru Teg Bahadur
33 Whose devout was Mardana?
A Guru Teg Bahadur ji’s
B Guru Arjan Dev ji’s
C Guru Nanak Dev ji’s
D Guru Gobind singh ji’s

Answer: Guru Nanak Dev ji’s
34 Which of the followings is not the Bani-composition of Guru Nanak Dev ji?
A Japuji
B Asa Di Vaar
C Jap Sahib
D Bara Mah

Answer: Jap Sahib
35 Who composed the “Baburbani”?
A Guru Nanak
B Guru Amardass
C Guru Angad
D Guru Ramdass

Answer: Guru Nanak
36 How many Udasies did Guru Nanak Dev ji undertake in all?
A 4
B 5
C 3
D 8

Answer: 4
37 Who founded the “Udasi Sect”?
A Shri Chand
B Bhai Mardana
C Bhai Bala
D Lakhmi Das

Answer: Shri Chand
38 Who introduced the Langer system?
A Guru Teg Bahadur
B Guru Arjan Dev ji
C Guru Angad Dev ji
D Guru Ramdass ji

Answer: Guru Angad Dev ji
39 Which place is that, where Guru Nanak Dev ji acquired the celestial knowledge?
A Sultanpur lodhi
B Muktsar
C Amritsar
D Nanaksar

Answer: Sultanpur lodhi
40 What is the other name of Panja Sahib?
A Chuna Mandi
B Chak Sri Ram Dass
C Hasan Abdal
D None of these

Answer: Hasan Abdal