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NCERT - Reproduction in Flowering Plants Questions & Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

61 In Angiosperms pollen tube liberate their male gametes into the:
1 Egg cell
2 Antipodal cells
3 Central cell
4 Synergids

Answer: Synergids
62 The Pollengrain is related to the embryo sac as:
1 Male gametophyte is to the egg
2 Sperm is to egg
3 Male gametophyte is to Female gametophyte
4 All of these

Answer: Male gametophyte is to Female gametophyte
63 Grafting is successful in dicots but not in monocots because the dicots have:
1 cork cambium
2 vascular bundles arranged in a ring
3 vessels with elements arranged end to end
4 cambium for secondary growth

Answer: cambium for secondary growth
64 If any somatic cell of sporophyte produces gametophyte without reduction division, it is
1 Parthenogenesis
2 Amphimixis
3 Apospory
4 Apogamy

Answer: Apospory
65 Juvenile phase fail to flower because:
1 It is too strong
2 It does not respond to stimuli.
3 It is too weak
4 It is too weak

Answer: It does not respond to stimuli.
66 Wind pollination is common in
1 Orchids
2 Legumes
3 Lilies
4 Grasses

Answer: Grasses
67 Tapetum layer around the pollen sac is meant for :
1 Dehiscene
2 Protection
3 Fusion
4 Nutrition

Answer: Nutrition
68 When the other floral parts are arranged at the base of the gynoecium, the flower is called :
1 Perigynous flower
2 Epigynous flower
3 Hypogynous flower
4 None of these

Answer: Hypogynous flower
69 In which one pair both the plants can be vegetatively propagated by leaf pieces
1 Asparagus and Bryophyllum
2 Bryophyllum and Kalanchoe
3 Chrysanthemum and Agave
4 Agave and Kalanchoe

Answer: Agave and Kalanchoe
70 An orthotropous ovule is one in which micropyle and chalaza are
1 parallel along with funicle
2 at right angles to funicle
3 parallel along with ovule
4 in straight line of funicle

Answer: in straight line of funicle
71 Nucellar polyembryony is reported in species of
1 Brassica
2 Citrus
3 Gossypium
4 Triticum

72 In Agave, vegetative propagation is carried out through
1 Rhizome
2 Stolon
3 Bulbils
4 Sucker

Answer: Bulbils
73 In which one of the following pollination is autogamous?
1 Cleistogamy
2 Geitonogamy
3 Xenogamy
4 Chasmogamy

Answer: Chasmogamy
74 Filiform apparatus is a characteristic feature of
1 Zygote
2 Suspensor
3 Egg
4 Synergid

Answer: Synergid
75 In a mature ovule,if helium is close to micropyle, then the ovule is called:
1 Orthotropous
2 Anatropous
3 Campylotropous
4 Hemitropous

Answer: Anatropous

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