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NCERT - Reproduction in Flowering Plants Questions & Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

16 Both, autogamy and geitonogamy are prevented in
1 Castor
2 Maize
3 Papaya
4 Cucumber

Answer: Papaya
17 Embryo sac is also known as
1 Megagametophyte
2 Microgametophyte
3 Megasporangium
4 Microsporangium

Answer: Megagametophyte
18 IA hyaline, bisexual and self-fertilized flower that does not open at all, is
1 Chasmogamous
2 Apogamous
3 Cleistogamous
4 Polygamous

Answer: Cleistogamous
19 Fragrant flowers with well developed nectaries are adapted for
1 Anemophily
2 Zoophily
3 Hydrophily
4 Entomophily

Answer: Entomophily
20 What is the ratio of equational divisions that take place in Cycas and angiosperms respectively leading to the formation of male gametes from pollen grains?
1 2 : 1
2 3 : 1
3 3 : 2
4 2 : 3

Answer: 2 : 1
21 Even in absence of pollinating agents seed-setting is assured in
1 Salvia
2 Fig
3 Commelina
4 Zostera

Answer: Commelina
22 What is the function of germ pore?
1 Initiation of pollen tube
2 Absorption of water for seed germination
3 Emergence of radicle
4 Release of male gametes

Answer: Initiation of pollen tube
23 Axillary buds are used to raise crop of
1 Wheat
2 Rice
3 Groundnut
4 Sugarcane

Answer: Sugarcane
24 In which of the following germination of embryo occurs, when fruit is still attached to the plant?
1 Mango
2 Mangove plants
3 Pinus
4 Pinus

Answer: Mangove plants
25 Ornithophily refers to the pollination by which of the following:
1 Snails
2 Air
3 Insects
4 Birds

Answer: Birds
26 Which of the following pairs in angiosperms are diploid and triploid, respectively?
1 Polar nucleus and secondary nucleus
2 Microspore mother cell and egg cell
3 Secondary nucleus and endosperm
4 Endosperm and antipodal cells

Answer: Secondary nucleus and endosperm
27 Wind pollinated flowers are
1 Small, brightly coloured, producing large number of pollen grains
2 Small, producing large number of dry pollen grains
3 Small, producing nectar and dry pollen
4 Large, producing abundant nectar and pollen

Answer: Small, producing large number of dry pollen grains
28 Apomixis is a type of reproduction that results is the development of a/an
1 New organism without fusion of gametes
2 New organism from fusion products of gametes
3 Embryo from endosperm
4 Embryo from nucellus

Answer: New organism without fusion of gametes
29 Ovule is attached to the placenta of ovary wall by:
1 Funicle
2 Raphae
3 Hilum
4 Testa

Answer: Funicle
30 Which of the following statements about sporopollenin is false?
1 Exine has apertures called germ pores where sporopollenin is present
2 Sporopollenin is one of the resistant organic materials
3 Exine is made up of sporopollenin
4 Sporopollenin can withstand high temperatures and strong acids

Answer: Exine has apertures called germ pores where sporopollenin is present

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