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Biogeography - GK Questions and Answers for competitive exams on Geography | page-7

31 Which one of the following is major passive soil former
A Moisture
B Temperative
C Micro-organisms
D Parent Material

Answer: Option [D]
32 Which one of the following is one of the secondary carnivores
A Backswimmers
B Green Algae
C Catfish
D Rotifers

Answer: Option [A]
33 Which one of the following are not Heterotrophs
A Carnvores
B Autotrophs
C Omnivores
D Detrivores

Answer: Option [B]
34 Which one of the following is a macro - nutrient
A Sodium
B Copper
C Zince
D Calcium

Answer: Option [D]
35 In which one of the following states is Pariyar sanctuary located
A Kerala
B Jammu & Kashmir
C Rajasthan
D Haryana

Answer: Option [A]


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